Dramatically cantilevered and spanning three and a half meters Monolito and Megalito appear to defy the laws of physics.

Just five millimetres thick at their tip and tapering to the one hundred millimetre root section, their elegance is only surpassed by their visual impact as a centrepiece and a powerful statement.

Due to its honeycomb cored, carbon fibre construction the top of the table is extremely light, so strength is not wasted supporting its own weight.

To bring stability to the lightweight structure the legs of Monolito are machined from solid aluminumim plate, whereas Megalito’s are cast concrete. These materials strike a stark yet harmonising contrast in both structural properties and aesthetic effect.

Monolito – Top Table

The legs also play a secondary function in accentuating the head of the table, creating a distinctly different and special place. The top tapers in both width and thickness towards the head, framing its position of importance.

With production limited to just 25 individually numbered examples, a full customisation service, comprising not just of colours and finishes of the aluminium and carbon parts but also a range of premium quality wooden veneers for the table top, is on offer to make each piece a bespoke statement for the individual.

Monolito – Table Zoom
Monolito flyby
3 point perspective