Studying art foundation and industrial design in Cambridge and Newcastle, Jules Sturgess became more aware of the artistic possibilities of new materials and processes, especially in furniture design, as the constraints on artistic expression were much less in this area than in pure engineering.

Influenced by the structural design and ever more advanced materials and manufacturing processes used in the design of racing and supercars, Jules Sturgess has turned his manufacturing skill and the properties of these materials to create gravity-defying pieces in which the innate beauty of the materials is revealed.




Initial idea generation takes place through extensive use of traditional hand-sketching and the majority of the work is completed on site. When required, we work with local specialist craftsman who ensure that work is completed to the highest standard. Attention to detail is paramount, as befits the creation of a work of art and every part, whether seen or unseen, is finished with the greatest precision. Nothing is rushed. Jules assembles and checks every piece himself to ensure it’s exactly as it’s meant to be before inviting the customer to view it prior to delivery.




Based on the outskirts of Cambridge, this is where the pieces start their life. We are an environmentally conscious company. We don’t throw away any useable uncured material; all our offcuts are collected, refrozen and we use our ingenuity to turn them into other small products where the orientation of the reinforcement in the material is less critical. As a result, more than 95% of our waste is recycled in the workshop, so it’s less for the landfill and something great to look at.